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Witch Boyfriend Wanted (Love & Magic #4) by Colette Rivera

Witch Boyfriend Wanted (Love & Magic #4) by Colette Rivera

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Book #4 in the Love & Magic Series

Tropes: Gay Paranormal Romance, Fake Dating

When you need a Witchy boyfriend but not a real one.

Luca Belmonte is sick of being set up. All his father wants is for Luca to marry well, to progress his career and standing in Witch society. Luca wants to be left alone. He’s overwhelmed with work and needs a plan to get his father off his back.

Finding his own boyfriend seems like the best solution, except Luca won’t risk the rejection that comes with real dating, no matter how much he wants to be in love. A fake relationship sounds better, if he can find someone to play along.

Yet somehow his friend Marci convinces him to go on one last date…

Theo Landon is in a dating rut, that’s the only reason he agrees to a blind date. He takes a chance and his date is hot. Charming. A man from his past he never wants to see again. The night is an epic disaster. But Theo has a secret. He’s been lying to almost everyone about being in a steady relationship and when he gets spotted with Luca assumptions get out of hand.

So the two agree to fake it, just for a while.

Only Luca isn’t the bad guy Theo thought. He’s just the Witch Theo needs, especially when things start to go wrong at his apothecary shop. So what happens when there’s nothing fake about the feelings growing between them?

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Customer Reviews

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Witch Boyfriend Wanted

The final book in the Love and Magic series by Colette Rivera, Witch Boyfriend Wanted, was everything I needed and more!

Things I loved:
💚 MM witchy romance
💚 Mr Sexy Lawyer x Sweetie Pie Apothecary
💚 Steamy foraging in the woods
💚 Fake dating
💚 A magical teapot
💚 A mystery to solve
💚 The most tender romance
💚 The build up of tension

The books in this series just keep getting better and better! This is Luca and Theo’s story, which starts out a bit rocky, with a miscommunication from the past, some commitment issues and a fake dating scheme. It doesn’t take long for Luca and Theo to see the softer sides of each other and slowly fall in love. Their communication and honesty was so beautiful and Colette is SO good at building up the tension through little moments, like grazing fingers and touching each other’s hair and sweet smiles. I loved them so much! Luca is closed off and overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon him from his cold and demanding parents. He tells himself he doesn’t want a relationship, but it’s so clear that he just wants to be loved for who he is. Enter Theo, the sweetest little bean. He owns an apothecary and is extremely talented in Earth magic (in a magic system which I found so intriguing!). He faces pressure from his family about his introverted lifestyle and is hesitant to attempt anything romantic with another person thanks to his awful ex. Bam, fake dating!

Another thing Colette does so well is including a mystery subplot in her stories. This one involved a mysterious crystal, a creepy customer and a stolen magical tea pot. I loved how not only was there a wonderful cast of characters involved in helping Theo solve this mystery, but he also had help from Aria, Juliet, Mea and my one true love, Edwin Bickel. It was so fun to have them all together!

If you are in the mood for something witchy, mysterious, cozy, romantic and fun, I highly recommend you give the Love and Magic series a go! This is book 4 in a series of interconnected standalones, with a wonderful cast of queer characters and delicious magical elements!