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A Thousand Lives

Vicious Secret (The Obsidian Order #1) by Morgan Bridges

Vicious Secret (The Obsidian Order #1) by Morgan Bridges

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Book #1 in The Obsidian Series

Tropes: Dark Stalker Romance, College, Secret Society, Morally Gray OTT/JP Hero, He Falls First, Touch Her & Die

Mors solum initium
Death is only the beginning.

The Obsidian Order only cares about three secrecy, loyalty, and power.
Every man born to the founding families is bred for this purpose, to serve the society and its objectives.
As a result, we are the elite.
If we make it through the Trials.
I will, as long as my obsession doesn’t get the best of me.
This girl…
If the Order doesn’t kill me, she’ll be the death of me.
Because I won’t give her up.
She’s mine.

The Recruit:

All I want is my freedom and some coffee.
And to find my foster brother.
Every clue that leads me closer to Ben, only frightens me more.
Something dark and dangerous rules this campus.
Similar to the stranger I keep running into.
The one I can’t stop thinking about.
Xavier tells me to stay away from him,
But then I’m snared in a game of shadows and savagery.
Now the only way to survive lies in the arms of a man I once tried to kill.
The same one who’s made me his property.
His bride.

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