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A Thousand Lives

Unfurl (Alchemy #1) by Elodie Hart

Unfurl (Alchemy #1) by Elodie Hart

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Book #1 in the Alchemy Series

Tropes: Religious Trauma, Good Girl x Bad Boy, Age Gap, BDSM, Sex Club Owner

When you’ve been told your whole life that something is sinful, you have two options.

Avoid it like the plague. Like it has the power to destroy all that is good and pure.

Or become as fixated upon it as Eve was upon that apple.

I’m sick of the push-pull of terror and temptation. It’s tearing me apart. I just want a bite of the apple.

More than a bite. I want to devour it. Have its juices spill from my lips.

And by apple I, of course, mean sex.

My new neighbour is the kind of beautiful that could bring a man to his knees. But she’s twenty-two. Fourteen years younger than me.

That’s too young. I've vowed to stay away. Until she comes to me for help.

It seems she has something to dispose of. Her chastity.

And it seems I have something she wants. The club I run for discerning adults. More specifically, the programme we’ve created for women just like Belle.

A programme that will transform her from innocent to damned.

Unfurl the parts of her she’s denied until now.

It seems I may not be the only one falling to my knees, after all.

God help us both.

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