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A Thousand Lives

Traded (Blood Ties #5) by A.K. Rose

Traded (Blood Ties #5) by A.K. Rose

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Book #5 in the Blood Ties Series

Tropes: Dark Reverse Harem, Forced Proximity, Why Choose, Touch Her and Die

The Order took something from me… My property. Vivienne. And now she belongs to another man… Macoy Daniel’s. The moment he signed that contract, he signed his own death warrant. With the sons, we track her down. Only when we get there, we find something unexpected. Her…savage and full of fury. We don’t call her wildcat for no reason. I don’t know if I’m saving her from her abductor…or the other way around. All I know is I that want answers… And revenge. I become the man I fought hard to leave behind. The cold, heartless mercenary. I’ll use…I’ll betray…and I’ll lie. Anything to keep her safe. For her we hunt. For her we kill. And when we’re forced by Haelstom Hale for a trade; contract for a life… I do the only thing that savage need to protect her allows… I send Macoy Daniels back to Haelstom Hale… In pieces.

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