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A Thousand Lives

Tied in Leather (Up In Lights #2) by C.L. Menegon

Tied in Leather (Up In Lights #2) by C.L. Menegon

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Book #2 of the Up In Lights Series

Tropes: Rockstar Romance, Second Chance, Dark Romance


I was ten when my world was engulfed in flames, the memories in my bones sizzling to dust.

A broken girl left cradling the smoldering embers of her blackened heart.

I walked through life like a tortured ghost, just another shadow drifting in the darkness.

It was no different when my car rolled through the looming iron gates of Shadow Heads School of Performing Arts.

I covered my wounds, but Tyler Pierce saw the shredded flesh that flayed beneath the leather.

He pulled me out of the roaring inferno of my past.

Each hit of his drums matched the steady pulse of my bass.

I should have known evil before it unveiled its fierce, malevolent eyes.

When he was done with me, he relit the match, set me on fire, and watched me burn alive.


I almost killed her.

Cameryn Ellis.

She stood in the middle of that dark, murky road, soaked in the blood of her past.

I saw the pain lurking in her veins, and she felt mine splintering the surface.

We were decaying bones trying to crawl out from the graves of our hidden torment.

We needed each other, whether we liked it or not.

Our haunted souls simply wouldn’t survive on their own.

But I had a secret, and the shrapnel of my past left me suffocating beneath the searing cinders of one buried truth.

The music never lies.

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Love this small business and author cannot wait to begin this series 💕