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A Thousand Lives

They Will Fall by Rachel Leigh

They Will Fall by Rachel Leigh

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Book #3 of the Wicked Boys of BCU Series

Tropes: Why Choose Dark, College Secret Society

After a rocky start to my freshman year at BCU, I was confident the threat was gone.

The murders ended, and my name was cleared. All the while, three unsuspecting men took me by surprise…

Ridge, my stalker turned lover.

Maddox, prince charming who swept me off my feet.

And Lev, my villain who climbed out of the black hole he’d been living in, showing me a version of himself no one thought they’d ever see again.

Then everything changed.

Campus Alert: Shelter in place. Homicide suspect at large.

That suspect…it’s me.

I’m not innocent by any means, but I didn’t commit the crimes I’m being accused of. Someone is out to get me, and it’s apparent they’ll go to depths unimaginable to ensure my demise.

But I was born a survivor, and I’ll rise from the ashes, even if it means I have to burn first.

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