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A Thousand Lives

The Secret Fiancée (The Windsors #5) by Catharina Maura

The Secret Fiancée (The Windsors #5) by Catharina Maura

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Book #5 in The Windsors Series

Tropes: Billionaire, Arranged Marriage, Age Gap, Student x Teacher

When Lex finds Raya Lewis’s name hidden behind countless security measures on his own family’s servers, he knows it can only mean one thing.

Determined to take control of the situation, he sets out to find her — only for Raya to spill her drink all over him within seconds of meeting.

Much to her surprise, the notoriously unattainable tech billionaire asks for only one thing as compensation: six rounds of Truth or Dare.

An evening filled with laughter leads to Raya sneaking out of his bed in the morning, not expecting to ever see him again…

…until he shows up as her professor, offering her class the opportunity of a lifetime: an internship at Windsor Motors.

What Raya doesn’t realize is that their meeting wasn’t coincidental — and she’s the sole reason he took up a teaching position at all.

After all, Lex knows something she doesn’t: the two of them are arranged to be married.

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