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A Thousand Lives

The Canary Cowards by Jescie Hall

The Canary Cowards by Jescie Hall

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A Stand-Alone

Tropes: Sports Romance (Football), Forbidden, Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Autism Representation

"Occasionally, we all lack the courage to embrace the torture that is love."

As a proud physiotherapist fresh out of school, I never imagined falling for a client. Especially not fallen football star, Lake Decker. His over-confident, broody attitude has me biting my tongue and doing whatever it takes to keep this job and support my secrets. Secrets Lake keeps pushing me to unravel.

I don't fall for women. Women fall for me. I'm Lake Decker, best running back in the league. Former. After a debilitating injury forced me to step back from my budding career, the last thing I thought I'd be doing is drooling at the feet of my stale-looking therapist. But her saucy attitude, strict professionalism, and the occasional shiner have my curiosities piqued. One thing is certain, we both know how to act tough in the face of adversity, but at our core, we're nothing but a couple of cowards.

Author Notes: ***Your mental health matter. To view Trigger Warnings, including possible spoilers, visit***

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