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A Thousand Lives

Tangled Deceit (The Wicked #2) by Heather Renee & Harper Reed

Tangled Deceit (The Wicked #2) by Heather Renee & Harper Reed

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Book #2 in The Wicked Series

Tropes: Mafia, Forced Proximity, Found Family, Touch Her & Die

Perseverance. Strength. Hatred. I’ll fight with everything I have.

I thought things couldn’t get worse, but when I opened that door and saw my father’s face, I’m quickly proven wrong. And any hope that he’s there to rescue me is dashed away with every bruise he puts on my body.

But I’m not the little girl he left behind all those years ago. Even when I’m at my bleakest, I refuse to let him win.

Finding my way back to Luca isn’t an easy feat, but I manage, just barely. The fury we share is enough to obliterate the world, but our passion? It’s what holds me together and keeps me moving forward.

I might be new to this mafia world, but the more I’m shown, the more I realize maybe this is just where I was always supposed to be.

Getting a little blood on my hands isn’t something I intend to shy away from. Death is coming and I plan on being front and center when Titan gets his due.

Maybe I’ll even be the one holding the weapon.

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