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A Thousand Lives

Tails of Fate by A.M. Nelson

Tails of Fate by A.M. Nelson

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A Stand Alone

Tropes: Mermaids, Close Proximity, Hidden Identity, Touch Her & Die

Mermaids aren’t real… they’re the stuff of fairytales, right?

Teagan assumes she’s a regular human, and there is nothing special or unique about herself. She prefers to read about adventure instead of partaking in it.

Surrounding a twenty-year-old prophecy, Benji will shatter that illusion and force Teagan into unfamiliar waters - which fills her with dread, confusion, and a sense of purpose.

Fighting against forces who want all the power for themselves, Limulora relies on the prophecy coming to fruition to continue thriving as an underwater city. Lives are at stake, and Teagan is at the centre of it all.

Adventure, love, death, and a found family await Teagan as she unwillingly joins Benji on a journey that will reshape the way she thinks about the world, and most importantly, herself.

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