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A Thousand Lives

Secrets in Love (West Village #2) by Bindi Kennedy

Secrets in Love (West Village #2) by Bindi Kennedy

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Book #2 in The West Village Series

Tropes: Brothers Best Friend, Friends to Lovers, Virgin FMC, Grumpy x Sunshine

Why is the one thing you can’t have always the very thing you want the most?

For years, my life—my very existence—has orbited that of my family.
I have lived and breathed only for them.
Become indifferent to my dreams. Lost myself.

But one seemingly innocent and ridiculous conversation has opened the metaphorical floodgates. The walls I’d painstakingly erected around my heart have been washed away, revealing tightly held secrets and exposing the one thing that could bring me back to me…

My brother’s best friend.

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