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A Thousand Lives

Secret Obsession (Hockey Gods #3) by S. Massery - Alternate Cover

Secret Obsession (Hockey Gods #3) by S. Massery - Alternate Cover

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A Stand-Alone in the Hockey Gods Series

Tropes: Sports Romance, Forced Proximity, OTT Jealous/Possessive, Forbidden Romance

Hockey goalies are known to be obsessive—but none more so than my ex’s brother.

I just didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of his dark possessive streak.

After a mortifying public break up with his older brother and teammate, Miles Whiteshaw declares me as his. That I’ve always been his, minus my year-long lapse in judgment.

The only problem? I’ve sworn off of two things:
Whiteshaw boys and love.

But Miles will go to any length to prove that we belong together—and I’m not sure we’ll survive the fall out if he’s wrong.

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