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A Thousand Lives

Ruthless Truths (The Wicked #1) by Heather Renee & Harper Reed

Ruthless Truths (The Wicked #1) by Heather Renee & Harper Reed

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Book #1 in The Wicked Series

Tropes: Mafia, Forced Proximity, Enemies to Lovers, Found Family

One night. One decision. That was all it took.

I’m certain my life has reached a new low when I decide to put myself up for auction at a charity event. Except letting billionaire men bet on me is nothing compared to what happens afterward.

I saw something I wasn’t supposed to and now people want me dead. Dangerous men I didn’t even know existed in our city. Lucky for me, the man who had the winning bet for a date with me is equally as menacing.

Or maybe not so lucky .

I’m stuck in the middle of a mafia war that I want no part of. Escaping only leads me closer to death and the man keeping me safe—Luca Monroe—he just might be the worst human being on Earth.

Except for the moments when he promises to keep me safe.

As tensions erupt between us, I begin to see him as something other than the monster I met in that alleyway. A decision I’m sure to regret. That is if I can survive long enough to do so, but with a price on my head…

The odds aren’t in my favor.

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