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A Thousand Lives

Ruining Him (McKinley's Obsession #2) by Kylie Kent - Foiled Edition

Ruining Him (McKinley's Obsession #2) by Kylie Kent - Foiled Edition

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This is a Foiled Edition and has also been signed by Kylie Kent!

Book #2 of the McKinley's Obsession Duet

Tropes: Second Chance, Dark Romance, Anti-Hero


Emily came crashing back into my life, bringing with her everything I was missing.
But she’s not the same girl I knew years ago. Gone is the girl who was always happy and eager to please everyone. The one who didn’t let life get her down.
She’s conquered her demons but they still haunt her whenever she closes her eyes. Her screams tear through the darkness night after night.
She thinks she needs to get away, to keep running. To leave me behind.
But I won’t lose her again; I will slay anything, anyone, who thinks they can get in the way of my keeping her.


I wasn’t meant to let myself get attached to Josh again. I wasn’t meant to stay this long.
Now he knows my biggest secret; he knows I’m not the sweet girl he thinks I am.
I’m being chased, hunted down like prey. But I won’t let my past mistakes hurt Josh. I need to leave before he finds me.
Leaving Josh behind is not going to be as easy as I thought it would be, but it’s my only option. I’ll do whatever it is I have to do to protect him, even if that means I have to Ruin Him.

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