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A Thousand Lives

Plunder Down Below (Monster Hunter/Lover #2) by Lucee Joie

Plunder Down Below (Monster Hunter/Lover #2) by Lucee Joie

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Book #2 in the Monster Hunter/Lover Series

Tropes: Fantasy Romance, Monster Romance, Fated Mates, Why Choose

Hi, my name's Mabel and I'm the universe's worst monster hunter.

I mean, it doesn't help that I keep falling in love with them...

This time around, I have been sent to plunder the depths of a fallen city.

There is plenty of treasure to be had, only I need to kill the monster first.

The problem is, I have just found out this tentacled beast is nothing like I was told. He's grumpy but gentle and now he is obsessed with me.

At first, I thought I could never love another since Brugo and I are deliriously happy.

But then Brugo meets him and I realize I might not have to make a choice at all.


Author Notes: Plunder Down Below is the second book in the Monster Hunter/Lover series. If you desire a happily ever after with unbelievably hot monsters and a human who doesn't have to choose as well as plenty of steamy scenes then grab your copy today.

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