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A Thousand Lives

Mine (Blood Ties #1) by A.K. Rose

Mine (Blood Ties #1) by A.K. Rose

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Book #1 in the Blood Ties Series

Tropes: Dark Reverse Harem, Step Brother, Bully, Forced Proximity

Family is everything…

I always knew my father was a cold, heartless bastard.
But the moment he took Elle Castlemaine and her pathetic daughter into our home, barely a month after our mom died, he unleashed something savage inside me.
I didn’t care they lost their home. Didn’t care their father was behind bars.
Didn’t care he betrayed the notorious Stidda Mafia boss, Benjamin Rossi, and now their lives were in danger.
All I cared about was her.
I wanted to hurt her. Wanted to make her squirm.
I wanted to make her pay for the moans coming from my father’s bedroom.
When he slipped a ring onto her mother’s finger, Ryth became mine.
Mine to bully.
Mine to break.
And I’ll use my brothers to do it.
She’ll become our favorite obsession.
Our sick, tormented game.
She’ll become the only thing I think about, until not thinking about her tears me apart.
I’ll hate her. I’ll hate her so much it hurts…

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