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A Thousand Lives

Merciless Devil (Sons of Valentino #2) by Kylie Kent - Foiled Edition

Merciless Devil (Sons of Valentino #2) by Kylie Kent - Foiled Edition

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This is a Foiled Edition and has also been signed by Kylie Kent!

Book #2 in the Sons of Valentino Series

Tropes: Mafia, Childhood Friends to Lovers

Have you ever loved someone so much it physically hurts?
That’s how much I love my best friend, Matteo Valentino.
It’s also the reason I’ve done everything I can to make sure he’s firmly rooted in the friend
I’d rather keep him at a distance than ruin what we have by giving into the attraction
constantly sparking between us.
That is until I wake up next to him with no recollection of how I ended up in his bed.

When you’re the prince of one of the five families of the New York mafia, nothing is off-
That is until the one thing you want is your best friend.
Savannah St. James is everything light in my dark world.
She’s strong, fierce, and more loyal than any made man I know.
She’s also my best friend, and that makes her untouchable.
However, when I wake up next to her in Vegas after a night out together, I’m not about to let
her go as easily as she may think.
She’ll find out just how merciless I am when it comes to keeping what I want.
And what I want, what I’ve always wanted, is her.

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