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A Thousand Lives

Man Handle (On a Manhunt #6) by Vanessa Vale

Man Handle (On a Manhunt #6) by Vanessa Vale

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Book #6 in the On a Manhunt Series

Tropes: Small Town, Single Dad, Forced Proximity, Firefighter, Grumpy x Sunshine

It’s lust at first sight. I’ve fallen for the… former pageant queen?
What happened to my life? One minute I’m just a single dad and fire chief. The next, I’m Mr. January.
That’s right, Georgia from Georgia’s been hired to organize the annual fundraiser. She’s not satisfied with a chili dinner. No. She came up with the crazy idea of a firefighter calendar. With puppies and kittens.

The department’s gone crazy over the idea. And her.

So has my six-year old because he thinks she’s shown up to be his new mom. For that to happen, she has to be mine. Sure, I want her. She’s gorgeous. Sassy. Smart. But she’s not sticking. I won’t have a little boy’s heart broken when she leaves.

Or is it mine I’m worried about?

And my life? Will it ever be the same? Do I want it to?

With all the books in the On A Manhunt series, it’s always open season on men.

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