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A Thousand Lives

Lost in Love (West Village #3) by Bindi Kennedy

Lost in Love (West Village #3) by Bindi Kennedy

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Book #3 in The West Village Series

Tropes: MM Romance, Second Chance, Coming Out, Grumpy x Sunshine, Found Family

Once upon a time, a boy became so lost in love that he lost himself…

I’d proudly known and loudly declared who I was since the age of twelve. I truly believed no one, not Prince Charming himself, would ever change that… Until he did.

Asher Kim recklessly stole and then dismantled my heart. Left me with nothing but shattered dreams, Folklore lyrics, and cat collecting. Only then, when truly alone, did I realize how incredibly wrong I had been.

Well, now he’s back, just as lovely, and grumpy as ever. But so are the walls he’d built between us.

Would this time be different?
Should I let him back in?
Could the cats ever accept him?
Will I ever find my…
Happily ever after?

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