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A Thousand Lives

Living For You (Wild For You #4) by Jenny Frame

Living For You (Wild For You #4) by Jenny Frame

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Book #4 in the Wild For You Series

Tropes: Vampire, Lesbian, Enemies to Lovers

In the final instalment of Jenny Frame’s Wild For You series, danger and desire are impossible to avoid in the end game of good versus evil.
Eternity is a long time, but for Serenity Debrek, immortality has been one long party. As little sister to Byron Debrek, the leader of the Debrek vampire clan, Serenity has never wanted for anything. If only she could be useful to her sister and be taken seriously, especially as she accidentally endangered the clan during their last encounter with the dark witch Anka.
Bhal has lived all eternity serving the Debreks. She has only one rule to avoid inevitable never fall in love again. But Serenity haunts her dreams. Bhal shouldn’t love, and Serenity hates her it seems.
When Serenity falls into a path of self-destruction, only Bhal can save her and show her she has everything to live for. But in the end game of good versus evil, will they be able to find reasons to live, and love?

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