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A Thousand Lives

Legacy by Sheridan Anne

Legacy by Sheridan Anne

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Book #2 in the Empire Series

Tropes: Reverse Harem, Enemies to Lovers, Dark Secret Society

Death was to become me.
Death was my fate.
But I’ve never been one to follow the rules.

Zade, Cross, Dalton, and Sawyer stormed into my life with their cocky grins and bad attitudes. And for a while, I believed they were going to protect me. But nothing could prepare me for what’s to come.

I need to run, need to get away from Empire, but there’s nowhere I can go where they won’t find me.
Everywhere I look, every step I take, there’s someone ready to use me for their own sick agendas.

I’m not safe in this world I was destined to rule.
The secrets. The lies. The backstabbing betrayals.
I’m not cut out for this.

They have me right where they want me, my back against the wall.
But I haven’t made it this far to give up so easily.
Especially now I’ve got my finger on the trigger.

I’ve found my ace and am not afraid to play it.
And what’s best . . . they’ll never see me coming.

Legacy  contains explicit sexual content, extreme graphic violence and murder, cult-like material, human sacrifice, and coarse language. This series is not suitable for young readers.

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