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A Thousand Lives

Keep Your Witches Close (Love & Magic #2) by Colette Rivera

Keep Your Witches Close (Love & Magic #2) by Colette Rivera

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Book #2 in the Love & Magic Series

Tropes: Sapphic Paranormal Romance, Grumpy x Sunshine, Forced Proximity

Can a Witch who trusts no one count on an old rival to keep her safe?

Paranormal Investigator, Juliet Herrera has a painful past. A secret. She doesn’t need anyone from before. Especially not a certain Witch who inspires as much lust as she does loathing.

Unfortunately, Juliet can’t seem to stay away from the woman.

Authority Witch, Mea Dubois swears Juliet used to like her. She’d give anything to get their friendship back, and more to follow the spark Juliet ignites… if only Juliet didn’t hate her.

When Witch disappearances bring Mea to town, Juliet resigns herself to working together. She didn’t expect to become the centre of the case.

A target.

Mea is tasked with keeping an eye on Juliet, who doesn’t like what being stuck with Mea is making her want…

Juliet has to decide, if she can’t face the threat alone, can she trust Mea with the truth? And what about with her heart?

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Customer Reviews

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Keep Your Witches Close

💙 Juliet + Mea
✨ Witchy romance
💭 Dual POV
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Sapphic
🕵️ Missing witches
👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 Forced proximity
☀️ Grumpy/sunshine
💕 Strong friendships
❤️‍🔥 Incredible tension and spice
❤️‍🩹 Healing from past abuse and trauma
⚠️ Please check trigger warnings

I had a wonderful time reading this beautiful sapphic romance! You know I’m a sucker for character growth and this book had this at the forefront.

Juliet and Mea are old acquaintances from detective school. They were close in the beginning, but once Juliet was able to finally escape the clutches of her abuser, she distanced herself from everyone and shut Mea out. Years later, they’re reunited when witches suddenly begin disappearing and Juliet, a private paranormal investigator, and Mea, now working for the Authority, must work together to solve this mystery.

Okay, so I’m obsessed with Mea. She’s the sunshine in this story and has had a thing for Juliet since they met. When she sees her again after so many years apart, she’s determined to win her over. Juliet has a painful past and a secret that she’s determined to keep. With the help of her best friend, Edwin Bickel (my favourite character in this series), she’s been able to keep it under wraps, but the more Mea shows Juliet that she can be trusted, the more Juliet feels as though this is a burden she wants to share with her.

Mea has a way of getting under Juliet’s skin and her defences, a way that Juliet craves the more that the story goes on. We see Juliet go from being completely closed off, to accepting the love that Mea is so eager to give her. It was truly a joy to see Juliet’s walls come down, as she slowly recovers from the trauma she endured for over half of her life and learns to accept the love she deserves.

The friendship between Juliet and Edwin is so special. I love that they accept each other exactly as they are, are very protective, and slowly encourage each other to grow. I cannot wait for Edwin’s book!

I could talk about this book forever. I love it so much and highly recommend!