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A Thousand Lives

Indulgent (The Cult of Serendee #3) by Angel Lawson

Indulgent (The Cult of Serendee #3) by Angel Lawson

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Book #3 in The Cult of Serendee Series

Tropes: Contemporary Dark Reverse Harem, Why Choose, Forced Proximity, Arranged Marriage, Cult

No one makes the decision to join a cult. Especially not the people raised in one .

I've spent my life under the control of one man, the leader of Serendee.
What I eat. How I dress. When I sleep.
I thought he knew best-that only he could lead me to Enlightenment. But after I learn about the truth of Serendee, what lies beneath the perfect surface, I see him for who he really is, a monster.

He's taken away my Rex, Levi, Elon, and Silas.
He's forced me into Re-education.
And he now his real desire has been He expects me to be his new mate.

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