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A Thousand Lives

Hitched (Ride or Die Romances #1) by Lauren Biel

Hitched (Ride or Die Romances #1) by Lauren Biel

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Book #1, a stand-alone, in the Ride or Die Romances Series

Tropes: Dark Hitchhiker Romance, Kidnap/Captive, Forced Proximity, Touch Her and Die

"Ready or not, rabbit, here I come"

The moment I open the car door and see her sweet face, I know I'm making a mistake. By offering to give me a ride, so is she. I spot the rabbit’s foot hanging from the rear-view mirror. It's not her lucky day.

I take her with me as I run from the law. Despite being a felon and a documented sociopath, I only mean for Selena to be a ride to the border. But somewhere along the way she stirs up feelings I've long thought myself incapable of.

She's my rabbit, my sweet little bunny, and I need to teach her how to run from me so I can catch her and show her what it's like to be devoured by the predator she should be afraid of.

Danger lurks in every corner, and the risk of getting caught grows by the day. What will I do once she takes me to my destination? Will I let her go or do something much worse? Can we find some way to stay together when the world wants to pull us apart?

Author Notes: Trigger Warnings: Infidelity (not between mcs), domestic violence (not between mcs), detailed abuse in the past for both mcs, murder, violence, abduction, suicidal ideations, dubious/non consent, attempted non con (not between mcs), sociopathic behavior, somnophilia scene, c*ck stuffing scene, degradation kink, praise, spitting, outdoor/car scenes, primal play, c*m play, b*tt stuff (including anal and oral), voyeurism, exhibitionism, jealous/possessive behavior, sado-masochism

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