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A Thousand Lives

Hers (Blood Ties #2) by A.K. Rose

Hers (Blood Ties #2) by A.K. Rose

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Book #2 in the Blood Ties Series

Tropes: Dark Reverse Harem, Step Brother, Bully, Forced Proximity

My brother is bleeding.
My stepsister is gone.

The ones responsible called themselves family.

By blood, and now by marriage.

I want to destroy them for what they’ve done.

Burn everything they have to the ground.

But first I need to find her.


The pathetic, little mouse that scurried into our lives and made a home.

I can’t forget her, can’t get her out of my head.

She unleashed something dangerous in me.

Something that drove me to ruin her.

And ruined myself in the process.

She was once a game to me…

She still is…only this time it’s for keeps.

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