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A Thousand Lives

Give a Witch a Chance (Love & Magic #1) by Colette Rivera

Give a Witch a Chance (Love & Magic #1) by Colette Rivera

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Book #1 in the Love & Magic Series

Tropes: Paranormal Romance, Bisexual Rep, Second Chance, Grumpy x Sunshine, Forced Proximity, Queer Found Family

Magic forced them apart. Can it bring them back together?

Psychic Witch, Aria Belmonte is determined to avoid her past. Even if it means failing to make it work in the Mortal world.

When her building is condemned, and her mediocre magic skills can’t save her, Aria turns to the kindness of strangers. Except her new roommate is no stranger. He’s the one she must avoid at all costs. Her most complicated ex.

Owen Sanchez has a dream. To successfully run the Coffee Cat Cafe despite the bizarre events trying to thwart him. He’d say it's haunted, but he’s never believed in the paranormal.

That is, until Aria walks back into his life.

Twelve years ago, they were best friends - first loves - until she disappeared without a word, breaking his heart. Now, Owen is determined not to let Aria’s presence affect him. All he wants is a simple life. And yet…

Magic fractured their relationship all those years ago, so what will Aria do if, this time, Owen discovers magic truly exists?

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Give a Witch a Chance - Colette Rivera

“When you need family you find it, and when it’s something you had to make yourself you never let it go.”


Quick Summary:
💭 Dual POV
🏡 Found family
🔮 Psychic, down on her luck witch
🧑🏽‍🍳 Sunshine mortal baker
☕️ Haunted cafe
♥️ Second chance romance
👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 Forced proximity
🔥 Slow burn
🥵 Tension
🌶️ Spicy
🏳️‍🌈 Queer rep
🌲 Lots of pining
👏🏼 Excellent side characters
🔎 A spooky mystery to solve

This was such a fun read! I loved that it was set in a world with magic, but it was presented in a believable way.

This story is about Aria and Owen, who fell in love as teenagers, but when Aria tries to tell him about her magic, the consequences forced them apart.

Years later, they find themselves back in each other’s lives, unexpectedly roommates, and trying to solve the mystery surrounding the spooky happenings in Owen’s cafe.

When the truth about her magic is revealed, we’re introduced to some excellent characters - particularly Bickle! I loved the dynamics between the characters, especially the friendship between Owen and Tristan and the relationship Aria has with her brother Luca.

I loved finding the clues behind the cafe mystery and the way that Aria and Owen worked through their issues to find their way back to each other 💜