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A Thousand Lives

Forever Lies (The Five Families #1) by Jill Ramsower

Forever Lies (The Five Families #1) by Jill Ramsower

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Book #1 in The Five Families Series

Tropes: Dark Mafia Romance

Stuck in an elevator with the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen—
Who thought that kind of thing actually happened?

This man wasn’t just attractive; he was animal magnetism personified.
He was every crush and craving, each desire and fantasy, all rolled into one.

The problem?
There was something more sinister lurking beneath that tempting façade.
Something dark and ruthless.

Luca Romano locked his sights on me the moment those elevator doors closed.
I couldn’t escape him, no matter how hard I tried.

There was a mutinous side of me that didn’t want to run.

As if I ever had a choice…

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