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A Thousand Lives

Driving My Obsession (Ride or Die Romances #3) by Lauren Biel

Driving My Obsession (Ride or Die Romances #3) by Lauren Biel

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Book #3, a stand-alone, in the Ride or Die Romances Series

Tropes: Dark Stalker Hitchhiker Romance, Disfigured MMC, Jealous/Possessive MMC, Kidnap/Captive, Forced Proximity, Touch Her and Die, Revenge

I’ve been branded a monster, but some scars run deeper than the eye can see…

All it took was one ride, and I was obsessed. Now, every day I watch. Waiting. My obsession’s oblivious to my machinations. She doesn’t know that my life’s been fueled by anger and vengeance. Until today.

My fixation takes a twisted turn when Oaklyn needs to hitch another ride. How unfortunate she doesn’t know this could be her last ride—ever.

Yet the more I know, the more torn I am. She's different from them but not nearly enough. I cannot ignore how my ire rises with each layer she strips away. So why is her pain a balm to my tortured mind? Her tragedy is a siren's call to my dark, wicked soul.

At the end of the road, will Oaklyn meet her protector or will she meet her demise?


Author Notes: Trigger warnings: Stalking, obsession, possessive behavior, sociopathic behavior, forced proximity, bully, pierced peen, drugging, somnophilia (somnoncon), manipulation, jealousy, primal, spitting, non con (between mcs and not), dub con, praise, degradation, self harm including an attempt, violence, murder, touch her and die, only *I* can hurt her, knife play, hand necklaces, come stuffing, mention of child abuse, mental health issues, derogatory comments about stripping/strippers (not a reflection of the author’s beliefs!!), bare knuckle fighting, water play, breeding aspects without pregnancy, exhibitionism, sadomasochism

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