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A Thousand Lives

Divine Love (Misguided Luna) by Rebecca Pratt - Foiled Edition

Divine Love (Misguided Luna) by Rebecca Pratt - Foiled Edition

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A Misguided Luna Novel

Tropes: Fantasy, Wolf Shifters, Fated Mates, Found Family, Touch Her & Die, Slow Burn

Who can I trust when so many want me dead?

Thanks to callous parents and a cheating boyfriend, I built a wall around my heart.
Then, I met Tanner. One glance into his captivating eyes and I feel a relentless, primal attraction. My body aches for his touch.

But Tanner holds a dark secret that will claw its way to the surface with fur and fang. Thrust into a world of power-hungry alphas and the wolf hierarchy, I quickly learn there are those willing to kill to keep us apart.

Loyalists to the Alpha are circling, preparing to rip us to shreds at his command. Together, will we be strong enough to withstand the battle to come? Or, will our bond mark us for death?

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