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A Thousand Lives

Deliver Us by Pam Godwin - Hardcover

Deliver Us by Pam Godwin - Hardcover

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Books #1-3 in the Deliver Series

Three scorching hot romance thrillers from New York Times bestselling author, Pam Godwin.

Deliver, Vanquish, and Disclaim.

Are you ready to fall in love with a villain?

Van Quiso's chilling gunmetal eyes will shiver your blood and torment your heart. You'll fear him and crave him, for behind the cruel mouth lurks a jealous, possessive devil who will sacrifice everything to protect the woman he loves.

Each standalone is a different couple with its own dark love story, all interconnected in a dangerous underworld of murderers, kidnappers, and cartels. Forget your comfort zones. This world isn't pretty. But it's oh-so-delicious and twisty.
With over 1000 pages of passion and suspense, this is your next binge read.

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