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A Thousand Lives

Delightful Sins (North Shore Stories #3) by Lola King

Delightful Sins (North Shore Stories #3) by Lola King

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Book #3, an Interconnected Stand-Alone, in the North Shore Stories Series

Tropes: Dark MFM Romance, OTT MMC's, Enemies to Lovers, Why Choose, Touch Her & Die

She betrayed them and ran away. Now they want their revenge.

In a town where all that matters is loyalty to your gang, I’ve been labeled a traitor.

A death sentence.

I ran away from the North Shore the day I knew I wasn’t safe there anymore. I left behind the people I thought were my family: My crew, the Kings.

More importantly, I turned my back on the two men who once meant everything to me.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I might have known Elliot and Ethan since we were children, but I betrayed the brothers in more ways than one.

Now they want me dead.

I should have known no one escapes the Kings. They found me and are taking me back to face my darkest secrets and most haunting memories.

A place where I am public enemy number one.

I’m stuck with a master manipulator and his bloodthirsty brother. Two men who only want to make me hurt. In more ways than one.

They will never let me go. At least not until I’ve paid for my sins.

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