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A Thousand Lives

Curvy Girls Can't Date Soldiers by Kelsie Stelting

Curvy Girls Can't Date Soldiers by Kelsie Stelting

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Book #8 - A Stand-Alone within The Curvy Girl Club Series

He’s in love with me. The only problem? He thinks I’m someone else.

I’ve spent my whole life trying not to get bullied. For my frizzy hair. My freckles. The white patches on my black skin or the gap in my teeth. Not to mention the extra hundred pounds I have on most of my classmates.

So when my soldier pen pal wants to see a picture of me, I freak. I send him a picture of one of the it girls at school and move on. The odds of us meeting in person are less than zero, and for once in my life, I want to know what it feels like to be one of the beautiful girls. Someone a guy like him would be into.

And it is amazing... Until I start to feel more about him than just a pen pal should. He says he feels the same way, but when he wants to meet me, I have a huge problem.

How can I put my heart on the line when I can’t even show my face?

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