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A Thousand Lives

Curvy Girls Can't Date Curvy Girls by Kelsie Stelting

Curvy Girls Can't Date Curvy Girls by Kelsie Stelting

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A Stand-Alone within The Curvy Girl Club Series - PRIDE EDITION

Emerson’s first Pride Celebration is full of joy, love, and enough drama to last a lifetime.

Ever since coming out, Xi’s parents have been her biggest cheerleaders, pushing her to join the Emerson Pride Association and making the community a better place for people like her. Now, she’s got the huge responsibility of planning Emerson Academy’s first ever inclusive prom to take place after the town’s very first pride parade, even though she’s never had a girlfriend or even a date of her own.

Kiyana’s hidden her orientation long as she can remember. The only person who knows is her secretly gay best friend/fake boyfriend, Stefon. Their relationship has kept judgmental family and public scrutiny off their backs throughout high school. But with their senior year behind them, everything is about to change.

When Stefon convinces Kiyana to come to the Pride Celebration, she immediately recognizes Xi, the cute edgy girl at school who’s always on the outside but seems secure in who she is.

Can the Pride Celebration show Kiyana it's safe to go with Xi to the prom? Or will Xi's first prom go down as another dateless night in history?

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