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A Thousand Lives

Curvy Girls Can't Dance by Kelsie Stelting

Curvy Girls Can't Dance by Kelsie Stelting

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Book #7 - A Stand-Alone within The Curvy Girl Club Series

The strongest bodybuilder in Emerson isn’t a match for my focus.

Emerson Dance is one of the most prestigious dance companies in the country. And I got kicked off the team right before nationals because my curves don’t “fit.” Not their idea of a perfect dancer's body and definitely not their costume.

I’m going to enter the competition on my own and show them that every body is a dancer’s body. It will mean practicing in the gym with the bodybuilders, but I can shove my nerves - and my attraction to Carter McCormac – aside long enough to win.

My reputation, and my future, depend on it.

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