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A Thousand Lives

Crimson Skies (Fallen Fae Gods #2) by Jaymin Eve - Hardcover

Crimson Skies (Fallen Fae Gods #2) by Jaymin Eve - Hardcover

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Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Book #2 in the Fallen Fae Gods Series

Tropes: Fantasy, Fae, Dragon Shifter and Human, Fated Mates, Forced Proximity, Touch Her & Die

The conclusion to Morgan's story...

Nothing is ever as it seems. Especially when you unintentionally stumble into a fantasy world.

As a perfectly ordinary human, the last thing I ever expected was to find myself thrown headfirst into a world of fae, magic—sorry, energy manipulation, and dragons.

Dragons who also happen to be gods, revered amongst the multitude of fae races.

Known as the Fallen Five, they crash landed in Risest decades ago, when their home world was destroyed… or so they thought.

They were all deceived.

It turns out that the traitor in their midst, the very reason I was brought into the land of Risest and kept as a pet traitor-sleuth, was none other than their mother.

A mother-dragon who is hell bent on invading their world and burning everything down around them.

The Fallen Five have no choice now but to work together, uniting their five lands for the first time since they fell to Risest.

Divided they are weak, but united they have a chance.

My place in this battle is beyond every belief. My destiny greater than feels possible, but I know I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure my friends and family survive this battle.

Even if it means I must make the hardest decision of them all.

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