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A Thousand Lives

Caught Stealing (Leighton U #2) by CE Ricci

Caught Stealing (Leighton U #2) by CE Ricci

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Book #2 in the Leighton U Series

Tropes: MM College Sports (Hockey) Romance, Failed One Night Stand, Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy x Sunshine, Forced Proximity, F Boy Falls First

It's not stealing if he's meant to be mine.

Let me tell you how Holden Sykes operates.

As the campus playboy and one-and-done king, he doesn’t do strings.

Or repeats.

Or names, for that matter.

So when he tries making my best friend the next notch on his bedpost, I react poorly.

Some would call it jealousy or an unrequited crush,

but friends protect each other from making mistakes.

The same ones I’ve already made.

Which is why driving Holden away seems like my only option.

Too bad he’s not giving up without a fight.

Each prank leads to another

until he turns this into a game far more precarious than intended.

One filled with stolen moments and heated glances,

drawing me into his orbit.

But the undeniable attraction simmering between us

leaves me caught in the crosshairs of an impossible decision.

Loyalty...or love.

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