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A Thousand Lives

Brutal Obsession (Hockey Gods #1) by S. Massery - Alternate Cover

Brutal Obsession (Hockey Gods #1) by S. Massery - Alternate Cover

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A Stand-Alone in the Hockey Gods Series

Tropes: Dark Bully Romance, Blackmail, Revenge to Lovers

He shattered my leg, and now he wants to ruin the rest of me.

Greyson Devereux is a menace–but only to me.
To everyone else, he’s charismatic.
He’s the son of a senator and the star of the university’s hockey team.

When all I want is to be invisible, he drags me into the spotlight.
He wants my blood, my fear, my attention.

Resisting him only worsens his obsession.
Fighting solidifies it.

He’s brutal, and he draws out a sick darkness in me that enjoys it.
But I’ll be damned if I let him become my downfall.

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