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A Thousand Lives

Blood of my Monster (Monster Trilogy #1) by Rina Kent

Blood of my Monster (Monster Trilogy #1) by Rina Kent

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Book #1 in the Monster Trilogy Series

Tropes: Dark Mafia Romance, Revenge, Age Gap, Grumpy x Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers, Touch Her and Die

I’m out for revenge. He’s out to rule the world.
Kirill and I are as different as day and night.
We shouldn’t have been in the same frame or universe.
But we meet under the strangest circumstances.
He’s my superior in the military and the man who’ll introduce me to carnage.
His charm and exterior perfection shouldn’t have tempted me.
Behind the smokescreen lurks a manipulative emotionless monster.
And that monster might find out all my secrets, including the reason why I’m pretending to be a man.
He might also lure me to the point of no return.

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