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A Thousand Lives

Below the Pulse (Up In Lights #3) by C.L. Menegon

Below the Pulse (Up In Lights #3) by C.L. Menegon

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Book #3 of the Up In Lights Series

Tropes: Rockstar Romance, Motorcycle Club, Dark Romance

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to race toward your death?
Well, take it from a dead girl, it’s exactly what you had imagined, only a thousand times worse.
My life had become a carousel of guilt.
A deathly road of despair, stolen one fateful night by careening headlights.
I was sinking.
And if it wasn’t for me, they would still be alive.
I am the reason they’re dead.
So, why didn’t the frigid water welcome me at the grim gates, too?
Harlen Graves made breathing underwater easier, though I knew time would be our cruelest enemy.
He was a famous rockstar, the bass player of Chasing The Storm.
I was Blaine Everson, Cherry.
A nobody.
I fell victim to phantom hope, the kind I knew would leave me breathless.
We were only a fleeting moment, not a place to find a home.
And as my broken, soulless body trembled against the crimson-stained concrete, I thought of him.
Did he keep his unspoken promise?
The one I watched twinkle in the depths of his glacial orbs.
The very one keeping me alive.
I had no choice except to sink my nails into the ghostly echoes of his voice when I lost everything
Surviving death once had me staring into the face of fate.
But surviving death twice might be the very force that kills me.

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Love this small business and author cannot wait to begin this series 💕