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A Thousand Lives

An Entangled Christmas (The Merge 2nd Gen #2) by Kylie Kent

An Entangled Christmas (The Merge 2nd Gen #2) by Kylie Kent

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Book #2 in The Merge Second Generation Series

Tropes: Love at First Sight, Family Ties, Billionaire Romance, Underworld King MMC


Christmas has always been my favourite time of year.

My family goes overboard, and the celebrations are week-long.

This Christmas is different, however. We're all spending the holiday at my Aunt Ella's beach house.

We're not the only ones spending Christmas on this beach though.

When my eyes spot the new neighbour, I can't look away.

I'm caught in a trance, in watching the show he's putting on through the bedroom window.

Even as his eyes meet mine, and he finishes, I still can't seem to look away.

If only I wasn't currently in a house surrounded by my entire family.


The girl from the window has been on my mind, night and day, for the past few days.

I've stared out of that same window for hours, hoping to just catch a glimpse of her.

I've seen at least a dozen different people come and go from the room, even one who looked just like her. But that girl wasn't her.

I'm tempted to just storm through the front door and search until I find her, except I know exactly whose house that is.

As much as I want to take what's mine, I currently have a multi-million dollar deal in the works with McKinley Industries-the very same people who own that property.

When I meet one of the family members on the beach and get invited to dinner, I don't hesitate to accept.

This is my chance to see her again. Every fibre of my being wants to claim her as mine.

But can I really entangle this innocent woman in my dark world?

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