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A Thousand Lives

Along For The Ride (Ride or Die Romances #2) by Lauren Biel

Along For The Ride (Ride or Die Romances #2) by Lauren Biel

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Book #2, a stand-alone, in the Ride or Die Romances Series

Tropes: MFM Dark Hitchhiker Romance, Kidnap/Captive, Forced Proximity, Touch Her and Die, Why Choose, Age Gap

Love is a foreign language for all of us, but we're learning

While running away from a heavy-handed boyfriend, I end up in the car with two callous hitmen. Gentry and Karson take me on a road trip I didn’t know I needed, and I become the breath of fresh air between two brothers who suffocate beneath waves of animosity.
In battles fought and scars earned, we forge a triad of destruction and leave countless bodies in our wake. We just need to ensure we aren’t among them at the end of each day. Easier said than done when our biggest threats may be each other.
Can I escape my past and help these “Kursed” brothers reconcile? Will I succumb to the darkness or cast light on men who walk in shadows? We have 2,700 miles to figure it out.

Author Notes: Content Warnings: Infidelity (not between mcs), domestic violence (not between mcs), murder, violence, abduction, dubious/non consent (between MCs), non con (not between mcs), sociopathic behavior, cock warming scene, degradation kink, praise, spitting, outdoor/car scenes, primal play, cum play and stuffing, butt stuff, pierced peen, blood play, death play, tripsolagnia, breeding without pregnancy, squirting, snowballs, water play, vaginal felching, voyeurism, exhibitionism, jealous/possessive behavior, sado-masochism, touch her and die, age gap

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