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A Thousand Lives

After Rain Falls (River of Rain #2) by CE Ricci

After Rain Falls (River of Rain #2) by CE Ricci

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Book #2 in the River of Rain Duet

Tropes: MM Romance (with dark themes), Enemies to Lovers, Bully, Sports, Forced Proximity

Love has never been important to me. Not because I didn't want it, I just never imagined feeling something so powerful.
There was a point where I thought I felt it years ago for the person I trusted most in the world, only to have it shatter in a thousand pieces.
But now he's back in my life and I'm certain I was wrong.

Because nothing compares to the way I feel about River Lennox.
Nothing could have prepared me for the war we waged against one another to turn into a battle to not only find ourselves, but each other.

Our prison sentence became our sanctuary from anything--or anyone--who dared to rip us apart.
He crawled under my skin, into my heart, and made a home for himself there despite my efforts to stop him.

But it doesn't matter now. Not when I find myself being thrown into a chess game I never asked to play with decisions forced on me that no one should have to make.

It's not just life and death.
It's love and hate.
The past and the future.

Except...when my past comes knocking with a thirst for vengeance, I start to question if I have a future at all.

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