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A Thousand Lives

A Mutually Beneficial Mistake (The Unexpected #2) by Harper Reed

A Mutually Beneficial Mistake (The Unexpected #2) by Harper Reed

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Book #2 in The Unexpected Series

Tropes: Grumpy x Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity

My one-night stand was a mistake.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself, but the universe has other plans.

After getting a promotion at work, I want nothing more than a night out to celebrate with my two best friends, but when neither of them show, I find myself in the bed of a handsome stranger.

Bentley Abbott isn’t like the usual men I’m attracted to. He’s rich, gruff, and uptight, and I should have known better. When he kicks me out after our night together, I’m furious and hope to never see him again.

Only I don’t get so lucky.

My new position at work comes with volunteer duties and when I show up for my first meeting, Bentley is there. Not only that, we’re paired up to help with a fundraiser for the animal shelter.

I want nothing to do with him and his grumpy attitude, but when we’re forced together on more than one occasion, and he starts to show a side of himself that I don’t expect… Now, I’m not sure I can stay away even when I think I should.

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