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A Thousand Lives

A Game of Deceit and Desire (Girl Games #3) by Ruby Roe

A Game of Deceit and Desire (Girl Games #3) by Ruby Roe

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Book #3 in the Girl Games Series

Tropes: Lesbian Fantasy Romance, Rivals to Lovers, Forbidden Romance, One Bed, Found Family, Forced Proximity

Can love survive when trust is the rarest magic of all?

Bella Blythe, master of lattice magic, is determined to win the Runic Games... If only her greatest rival, Remy Reid would get out of the way.

For years they one-upped each other in competitions, jobs, and their apprenticeships…

Until a single kiss changed everything.

With the biggest competition of their lives ahead of them, they’re going to have to trust each other…

A futile task when they’re both harbouring secrets filled with betrayal…

With a reputation and a relationship at risk, they’re left with an impossible choice:

Do they want to win a competition or a heart?

Two women, two betrayals, and a romance that will rewrite their destiny.

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