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A Thousand Lives

6) Kade & Olivia: Discreet Series by Willow Winters

6) Kade & Olivia: Discreet Series by Willow Winters

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Book #6 of the Discreet Series

Tropes: Abduction

I never thought of life like the petals of a rose before.

But they’re so alike.
Delicate and easily crushed.

Broken… just like he made me.
He could pluck away and there was nothing I could do except be destroyed and accept my fate.

That’s what he does, he ruins what he touches. Ruthless and cold hearted.
They gave me to him.
To break.
To do as he’d like.
All because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He grew addicted to the feel of plucking away at me. At leaving me bare and taking control over every piece of me.
And if I’m honest with myself… I grew to love it too.

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