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A Thousand Lives

53) Griffin & Renee: Discreet Series by Willow Winters

53) Griffin & Renee: Discreet Series by Willow Winters

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Book #53 of the Discreet Series

Tropes: Small Town, Fake Dating, Forbidden, Opposites Attract, He Falls First

In this small town, everyone talks... and they all know I'm head over heels for my boss.I didn't know I had a type until he came to town. His charming smile and rough laugh did a number on me. It's the way I found him always looking my way though, with his piercing gaze, that really did me in.We'd share a glance. I'd blush.Then we'd pretend there wasn't sexual tension piled high between us.First it was a look, then it was a touch, then it was late nights after work.He's the owner; I serve drinks at his bar.He comes from money; I live paycheck to paycheck.He told me to kiss him and I did more than that.It happened so fast and I couldn't stop it even though I know I shouldn't have fallen for him. There's too much he doesn't know, including the very reason I could never be with him.What we want doesn't matter, there are some secrets that never let go.

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