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A Thousand Lives

19) Hunter & Violet: Discreet Series by Willow Winters

19) Hunter & Violet: Discreet Series by Willow Winters

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Book #19 of the Discreet Series

Tropes: Small Town Romance

“Promise me you’ll love me after this?” Those were the words I asked my first love on a high school date.

“Always, Vi,” he told me before crushing his lips against mine.

I gave him a part of me I can never get back that night. Even worse, I gave him my heart.

That was four years ago. Back when I was young and naive. Back when I thought we’d always be together.

He dumped me right after graduation and left me to join the military.  He said I shouldn’t wait for him; it didn’t matter that I wanted to.  I would have waited for him forever, but he threw me away and left me here in this small town.

Now he’s home and says he wants me back.   Second chances don’t work in love. No matter how much I wish I could erase what’s happened since he’s been gone… no matter how much I think of falling back into his arms…

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