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A Thousand Lives

Vampire Vow (Scorned By Blood #3) by Heather Renee - Hardcover

Vampire Vow (Scorned By Blood #3) by Heather Renee - Hardcover

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Book #3 of the Scorned By Blood Series

Tropes: Dark Paranormal Romance

A price had been paid. One none of us were prepared for.

For just a moment, I allowed myself to believe things would be okay—that I could find a way to recover from my past and move on. Except life quickly proved happily-ever-after’s were nothing more than fantasy for me.

I didn’t know who was responsible for turning our home into a bleeding inferno, but I would soon. And when I did? I’d stop at nothing to make sure they felt every whip of anguish I’d been struck with.

With time running out, it was up to Maciah and me to seek vengeance. Our hearts might be shattered, but our determination is unbreakable. With Viktor in our sights, we’re ready to end what he started all those years ago.

Even if it means putting our own lives on the line.

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