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A Thousand Lives

Vampire Ash (Scorned By Blood #2) by Heather Renee - Hardcover

Vampire Ash (Scorned By Blood #2) by Heather Renee - Hardcover

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Book #2 of the Scorned By Blood Series

Tropes: Dark Romance

A future to accept. An enemy, or two, to stake.

I had a plan. One that included avenging my family and slaying as many vampires as I could in the process. Every choice, every step, they all led me closer to my vengeance.

Except plans don’t always go the way we want. Especially when I have to accept that—no matter how long I put it off—I’m going to become the very thing I hate most in this world: a vampire.

Though, as I find myself falling for Maciah, I realize that maybe my heritage isn’t the death sentence I first assumed. Maybe it’s exactly what I need, because as the threats start to escalate, I begin to realize…

Sometimes the best way to kill a monster is to become one.

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