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A Thousand Lives

Unhinged Desires (Sick Love #1) by Kylie Kent - Foiled Edition

Unhinged Desires (Sick Love #1) by Kylie Kent - Foiled Edition

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This is a Foiled Edition and has also been signed by Kylie Kent!

Book #1 of the Sick Love Duet

Tropes: Stalker, OTT Obsessed/Possessive Alpha Male, Dark Romance


I was awoken by an angel.
That’s the only explanation I have for the sudden onset of feelings that hit my heart like a lightning bolt, the moment my eyes connected with hers.

However, this particular angel doesn’t know she’s just evoked a demon.
The way my body reacts to her presence, the way my soul recognizes its counterpart, it’s a dangerous fatal attraction.
This unhinged desire I have for my angel isn’t going to end well. For either of us.


When you wake up to the silhouette of a man standing in the shadows of your bedroom, you probably shouldn’t invite him into your bed.

I did though. And now I don’t know how to fall asleep without him.
We’re like two opposing forces being drawn together.
My positive to his negative.
No matter how much I try to pull away, he’s there.
Ready to drag me back into the darkness of his soul.

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